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“Nothing could have prepared me for India. It was sensory overload from the start. My first journey to Rajasthan was by chance with Raj as my tour guide; it included all the iconic tourist spots but it became obvious from the beginning that I had found a hidden gem in Raj! The itinerary was flexible, I was able to eat locally and not to be taken, time and time again, to the tourist shops and traps that are so often part of the drivers committed schedule. My love affair with India had begun. I have since returned and spent a 4 week tour with Raj as my driver. I have slept in the desert, been welcomed into village homes, visited a village school, and taken part in the Holi festival. I have climbed (very slowly) to a hill top temple, and seen a tiger and crocodiles in the wild. All of this, and much more, was made possible under the safety and careful guidance of my tour guide Raj.”
Penny, UK
“I really recommend this company if you want to see the authentic India with a great local guide. When me and my friends arrived in India, we had no clue what to do or were to go. Luckily we met Raj Singh, our English speaking driver and tour guide. We decided to go on a 3 weeks roundtrip with him as our local guide. His local knowledge and great guiding, made our vacation in India wonderful and full of great memories. By using this guide, you feel safe and also you get to see the real India without all the tourist traps. Raj definitely knew the best (but still cheap!) places to eat, fun activities to do and the beautiful places to see. I give him my best recommendations.”
Hanne, Norway
“ Our first visit in India was very good experience. And our driver Raj, he helps us a lot about food. We visit to the place that everyone is vegetarian, but my family is not a vegetarian. And Raj find a place for us drive outside the town so that we can find a food for my Family. Raj is a good driver and a tour guide, he know where we go and he taking care very well all his client. God bless you Raj! Tell next time and next adventure.”
Gina, United States
“You CAN pay more! Many will try to get a lot! But you cannot beat this site's prices, and the drivers are fantastic! They take you where you want to go and don't try to "commercialize" it so they can make more money (many tour companies do that there). Just tell them where in India you want to go. They will work with you to make it a terrific experience! A-1 service!!!!”
Curtis, United States
“Первое путешествие с Раджем Сингхом у нас было 5 лет назад.юДо Раджа нам пришлось сменить двух шоферов, они нас не устраивали по многим причинам.Но все 4 путешествия с Раджем Сингхом мы действительно абсолютно счастливы.Он прекрасно понимает, что нам нужно в каждом путешествии /а желания меняются/ и решает все наши прблемы. Радж - прекрасный шофер, он шофер из гор, а это лучшие шофера. Он Раджпут, и хорошо знает Историю Индии, ее замечательные места, замечательных людей. Хорошо разбирается в кухне Индии. Спасибо большое, радж, еще раз! Анатолий и Дарья Кажидуб. Да. еще у него нет обычной привычки индийских шоферов вечно опаздывать, что всегда нас напрягало.
We had the first travel with Raj Singh 5 years ago. Before Raj we had 2 drivers, but they are not good. Now, with Raj Singh, we are all travel really happy. Because he understand and decides all our problems. And he is a very good driver from mountains. And good knows History of India and Indian Great Places. Thank you very much Raj! Anatoliy and Daria Rfzhidub. ”
Daria and Anatoliy, Russia

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Mansuri, Rishikesh, Jim Corbett Safari, Nainintal, Naukauchia Tal, Sattal, Mukteshwar, Kasar, Devi, Binsar, Kausani, Gagashwar, Chaukri, Patal bhubanveswar.