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Helpful Hints and Useful Information


It is necessary to obtain rupees on arrival at an ATM or exchange bureau; it is not possible to obtain rupees outside of India. Occasionally the ATMs do not work, particularly in more rural areas. Make sure that you have exchanged enough before embarking on a long tour. Raj will advise you at all times. Many hotels do not accept card payments; you will need cash.

Always tell your bank that you intend to travel.

ATMs will not give more than 10,000 rupees with each card transaction but you can repeat the transaction if your card permits.


Always keep your visa with your passport or identity card.

You will require a printout of your flight ticket information in order to enter any international airport in India.

It is advisable to always have photo copies of your documents kept in a separate place to the originals.

A useful foreign office link is India – travel advice :
It will keep you updated about any natural disasters or areas to avoid.


Most prescription drugs can be bought freely from a pharmacy. It is advisable to make a note of anything that you think you may need.

If you are carrying prescription drugs carry a copy of your prescription with you together with any other health records that you feel maybe relevant.

Raj will advise and help you receive medical treatment if necessary.

You will need your medical insurance contact numbers and policy details.

What to wear

It is important to respect the local culture. Some western dress can offend and cause unwanted attention.

What to wear depends on where and when you are traveling to India. The mountains can be cool, whilst other areas very hot!

Comfortable shoes (India can be hard on the feet), light weight jeans or trousers together with t-shirts and loose fitting cotton tops. Man-made fabrics are not always practical.

Sun hats for men and large light weight scarves for women. If traveling in very hot weather a thin cotton or toweling ‘scarf’ could prove useful.

Other useful miscellaneous items include a roll of toilet paper, tissues, hand wipes, and a universal sink plug. Depending on your budget not all hotels have hairdryers; travel with a small two pin if required.

Holy places

​When visiting Holy places shoes and socks must be removed. In Sikh temples it is compulsory for women to cover their heads.

Photography is not permitted in temples.

Tour guides

With Allez India tour guides for the Golden Triangle are complimentary. (Agra and Jaipur).

Entrance fees to all monuments and historic sites are not otherwise included. Professional guides or escorts can be provided if required.

Raj will always answer your questions when possible and share his love and knowledge of India with you.

Tour drivers are not permitted to escort tourists into the monuments and historical sites; this protects the status of a professional guide.


India has a tipping culture. It is expected to reward with an appropriate amount for the service offered in hotels, restaurants and all services provided.


Advice will be given if required. Sometimes it is expected to negotiate but not others. Most fabric shops and vendors will provide a tailoring service which is usually very quick and reasonable. Buyer beware not everything is always as stated. Take advice from Raj. Unlike many other such tour services you will NOT be coerced into visiting commercial outlets.


Much food is vegetarian but goat, lamb (called mutton), chicken and fish are eaten. Beef is forbidden by law. The cow is sacred. Dairy produce and delicious sweets are readily available.

Drink bottled water. It might not always be necessary but this way you will never find out otherwise! Raj supplies complimentary water throughout the tour.

Alcohol is permitted in most places; whisky and bottled beer is readily available.

Breakfast offered depends on your hotel but normally it would fall into three categories: continental, eggs and Indian.

Some popular Indian breakfasts are, poori bhaji, parantha, poha, and suji umpa.

Tea, coffee or chai (spiced tea) are always available.

Popular Indian dishes include aloo gobhi masala, rajma masala, dal tadka, murg curry , Kaddish paneer and biriani.

Street food is readily available and Raj will offer advice on where and what to have. You may also use local knowledge and trip advisor for restaurant suggestions.

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